Local Emmy Award Presentation

Local Emmy Award Presentation

Minneapolis -- Billy will be presented with an Emmy Award by the Pacific Southwest Chapter of the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences for his PBS program Billy McLaughlin: Starry Night with Orchestra Nova.
Introducing SimpleGifts 2013

SimpleGifts – Announcing SimpleGifts 2013

It's been a busy off-season for members of SimpleGifts and our awesome staff and crew. Not only has a great tour been confirmed for the 2013 holiday season but there's a new CD we're just finishing up called...
Billy receives emmy award

Billy McLaughlin receives Emmy Award for “Starry Night”

Winners were announced at the 39th annual NATAS PSW Emmy Awards ceremony, which took place Saturday, June 15, at the Red Rock Casino Resort & Spa in Las Vegas, Nev. Upon hearing about the award, McLaughlin commented, "So many people have helped to make it happen, especially Maura Daly Phinney, executive producer and Andy Trimlett, producer/editor, as well as the entire crew at KPBS." He praised Jung-Ho Pak, conductor and "all the great players in Orchestra Nova." He also paid special tribute to Eugene Toussaint, arranger, who had passed away last year. In addition, he acknowledged a long list of individuals who took part in creating and promoting "Starry Night" including Rick Gord, Nancy Dennison, Tim Snow, Marc Anderson, Jimi Englund, Nathan Wilson, Jacob Tews, TJ Jensen, Mike Forbess, Vicki Serreno, Hannah Dimond Day, and mentor and real estate mogul Gary Keller.
Mark your Calendar for Spirit of Success Summit

Mark your Calendar for Spirit of Success Summit

Every business begins with an idea inspired by someone who dreams of something better. The founder, whoever he or she is, has a passion to make it happen, no matter what. Eventually that dream turns into something bigger and more visible. Other people get involved, things are created and life is improved by the founder’s idea. As the business evolves, it becomes recognized for what it does and the people who make it happen while the passion that created the business continues to motivate it forward.

Worth the Wait

Billy McLaughlin’s new book “Road to Reinvention” will soon to be available—first online and then at a bookstore near you. In it Billy describes his journey from being one of Billboard’s youngest rising stars to his sudden fall from fame when the onset of dystonia ripped away his career. It also explores his ultimate return to stage to as the successful presenter and musician he is today.
Billy McLaughlin Poster for BHS PAC

Buffalo High School

Billy will be joining the Buffalo High School community on Thursday, January 24, 2013 for a concert in their Performing Arts Center. Tickets are available at the Buffalo Book store and at the BHS Activity Center.

10th Anniversary Holiday Tour

Media Notice IMMEDIATE NOTICE Photos Available Online at www.SimpleGiftsMusic.net/press-photos Contact: Martin Keller, Media Savant Communications Co. 612-729-8585/ kelmart@aol.com 10th ANNIVERSARY FOR RARE MINNESOTA ACOUSTIC ENSEMBLE AT THE…

25th Anniversary Concert

"Come and enjoy guitarist and composer Billy McLaughlin with his special guests the Eclectric String Quartet at the O'Shaughnessy as he astounds audiences with the complex, rhythmic, music that he re-taught to himself against all odds...

Billy's Book – Road To Reinvention

Coming soon, a new book by Billy McLaughlin… “Road to Reinvention: Reflections on Having, Losing and Receiving Infinitely More”

Billy's heading back to Mobile!

Blue Moon Farm presents... Billy McLaughlin and Roman Street. Billy will head back to Mobile, Al for a November 11th concert at The Frog Pond at Blue Moon Farms.