One-on-one with Billy McLaughlin

A Virtual Experience!

One-On-One with Billy McLaughlin is now offering virtual (Zoom) guitar / music / composing / random-topic / life coaching sessions.

Sessions on sale now!

  • One 50-minute Zoom-session for $100/each
  • Four or more Zoom-sessions for $75/each

25% off four or more sessions!

  • How to redeem your discount:
  • Copy this coupon code now: 1GP8Q4J
  • You will need to enter this coupon code on the “Order Summary Page”.

    One-On-One with Billy McLaughlin

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  • Pre-schedule – Whether purchasing 1, or more sessions, you will need to pre-schedule all sessions on the “Order Summary Page.”

    One-On-One with Billy McLaughlin

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  • Pre-pay – Payment is required when booking sessions.

    One-On-One with Billy McLaughlin Guide

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If you have any questions or need help, please contact Hannah Day.

Billy McLaughlin - Musician, Composer, Speaker