“…you may swear Billy McLaughlin is two of the greatest acoustic guitarists you’ve ever heard.”
— Pittsburgh Post Gazette
“… it’s amazing that such an extensive sound comes from one instrument.”
— Chicago Sun Times
“Anyone who has witnessed a Billy McLaughlin concert can attest to how mind-bending this type of performing can be.”
— Jim Dombrowski
Michigan Fingerstyle Guitar Society
“McLaughlin is well known in hard-core guitar circles as a mystical guitar guru.”
— Brookings Register
“When audience members close their eyes during a Billy McLaughlin performance, they don’t believe what they’re hearing is a single acoustic guitar.  When they open their eyes, they don’t believe how he does it.”
— Daily Mining Gazette

While out in San Diego playing at the Neurosciences Institute Auditorium, Billy had some great opportunities to be interviewed by a few newspapers, and CBS’ San Diego television station, to get his story out.
News Articles from Billy’s time in San Diego:
San Diego Union Tribune- Guitarist refuses to let the music die