Starry Night with Orchestra Nova CD


Starry Night with Orchestra Nova DVD

PBS Special DVD

Starry Night with Orchestra NOVA

1. Into the Light
2. Tapdaddy
3. Helms Place
4. Don’t Know How To Die
5. Back from the Brink
6. Hold On to Forever
7. Church Bells
8. Away With Words
9. FingerDance
10. While She Sleeps
11. Song for Chloe

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Guitarist and composer, Billy McLaughlin returns to the stage after one of the most remarkable medical and musical comebacks in history. In this, “Starry Night” concert, Billy performs with Orchestra Nova, conducted by Jung-Ho Pak. The joyful performance features a combination of Billy’s original compositions and the story of how he learned to play the guitar a second time after being diagnosed with focal dystonia in his left hand. The music and the life-affirming experience behind it will inspire you to never give up on your dreams and to keep reaching for the stars.