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Serenity Prayer Project – Interview With KTIS

Minneapolis, MN –

Serenity Prayer Project - Interview With KTIS

Interview with KTIS

Yesterday, Lori Morris Werch (Executive Producer) had the wonderful opportunity to be interviewed by Pam Lundell on 98.5 KTIS for the KTIS Morning Show with Pam & Andy.  You can listen to the interview right here, or visit the KTIS website.
If you would like to hear The Serenity Prayer Song played on KTIS radio, please leave a comment on their website or email them directly making the request.  The more requests they receive the higher the likelihood of having the song aired.  Thank you for all your help and support in spreading this beautiful prayer!

Serenity Prayer Project – Interview With KTIS


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SimpleGifts New CD Released

SimpleGifts New CD Released


SimpleGifts is proud to announce the release
of their new CD – WinterGrace!

WinterGrace is now available for purchase (Tuesday, November 5th)!  Like all the CDs that came before it, WinterGrace features traditional music that tells the real story of Christmas arranged and performed with a modern twist. Familiar classics include “O Little Town of Bethlehem”, “Hark the Herald Angels Sing”, and “Little Drummer Boy” while the lesser known title track provides a fresh but timeless melody from the hills of Appalachia.

To purchase your copy of WinterGrace, click here.  MP3 downloads will be available by Friday, November 8th.
We are looking forward to having you join us for the holidays!  Click here to see all our 2013 tour dates.
-Billy & SimpleGifts
Sneak peek – WinterGrace, title track



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Impossible Redefined – Podcast

Impossible Redefined

Impossible Redefined

A podcast from Billy McLaughlin – Impossible Redefined

How many of you have expectations from your boss or from your board members, shareholders that this year you’re going to have to achieve what’s simply impossible in today’s business climate. If it’s not at work, maybe you’re faced with the impossible task of fixing relationships or mending fences or guiding a teenager or facing a personal change, a health crisis, in your personal life away from work. These are all places that we face this feeling of having to achieve something that’s impossible. There are so many different ways that I have faced those feelings of having to do something that had never been done before, at least that I had never done before. Listen to the podcast here…

Interview with Minnesota Public Radio

Interview with Minnesota Public Radio

Minnesota Public Radio

On March 7th, Minnesota Public Radio’s Steven John welcomed Billy back; they last spoke on the air when Billy was diagnosed with dystonia. This ten-minute interview includes Billy playing live and explaining the effects of dystonia and what it was like adapting to playing left-handed.  To read Steven John’s article, click here.