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Billy receives emmy award

Billy McLaughlin receives Emmy Award for “Starry Night”

Winners were announced at the 39th annual NATAS PSW Emmy Awards ceremony, which took place Saturday, June 15, at the Red Rock Casino Resort & Spa in Las Vegas, Nev. Upon hearing about the award, McLaughlin commented, "So many people have helped to make it happen, especially Maura Daly Phinney, executive producer and Andy Trimlett, producer/editor, as well as the entire crew at KPBS." He praised Jung-Ho Pak, conductor and "all the great players in Orchestra Nova." He also paid special tribute to Eugene Toussaint, arranger, who had passed away last year. In addition, he acknowledged a long list of individuals who took part in creating and promoting "Starry Night" including Rick Gord, Nancy Dennison, Tim Snow, Marc Anderson, Jimi Englund, Nathan Wilson, Jacob Tews, TJ Jensen, Mike Forbess, Vicki Serreno, Hannah Dimond Day, and mentor and real estate mogul Gary Keller.