Billy McLaughlin and executive director Kevin Langdon at ASMC event
Billy McLaughlin performed for the Apple Specialists Marketing Coop (ASMC) Fall Conference October 16. Billy is pictured here with ASMC Executive Director Kevin Langdon.
Billy McLaughlin performs at "Impairment without Disability" conference at the Mayo Clinic
On October 18, Billy was back in Minnesota presenting at the “Impairment without Disability” conference, which was held at Mayo Clinic.
Dr. Les Kertay, a clinical psychologist and writer, reported on Billy’s presentation at the conference at Mayo. Read Dr. Kertay’s article about Billy, “A Fortune Cookie – Friday’s Life Lesson.”

Pictures from The Hill on Dystonia Advocacy Days 2011



Billy Goes To San Diego

San Diego, Cali. —
While Billy was out in San Diego this month, playing at the Neurosciences Institute Auditorium, he had some great opportunities to be interviewed by a few newspapers, and CBS’ San Diego television station, to get his story out.

More News Articles & Interviews from Billy’s time in San Diego:

CBS8 San Diego- Billy McLaughlin: Life from the other side

Bonus Footage here.
San Diego Union Tribune- Guitarist refuses to let the music die
“Thursday night, the Minnesotan will be in San Diego for a concert at the Neurosciences Institute, playing with his other hand. Playing in many respects as well as he ever has. Breathing, in other words, through his feet…”  By John Wilkens Writing a Musical Signature With His Wrong Hand
“He will perform this Thursday at 7 p.m. in The Neurosciences Institute Auditorium as part of the Performing Arts at The Neurosciences Institute series.  McLaughlin talked with me by phone from his cold and snowy home in Minnesota a few days before arriving in San Diego. He shared his thoughts on his music, his disease and how the two intertwine.” By
The San Diego County Herald – download pdf

In Weber Hall at UMD.

Billy in Mobile AL with the Mobile Orchestra.