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Serenity Prayer Project - On Location TV19

Serenity Prayer Project – On Location TV19

This month we were honored to be featured on TV19 On Location's Local Image with Judy Skeie-Voss.
Billy's on YouTube!

Billy’s on YouTube!

Watch Billy in action in a variety of settings; solo acoustic guitar, orchestra, The Entire Band, and Keynote presentations.
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Finding Community through Music of the Season

Like an overnight snowfall, the holiday season has swept into our lives once again. Retailers have wasted no time in “decking the halls” and setting the stage for the most giving time of year. Out come the trees, trinkets and Christmas tunes. Everywhere you go, you hear “Silent Night,” “White Christmas” and “Santa Claus is Coming to Town” along with every Christmas song ever written, it seems. After the thousandth time of hearing a song, any song, your brain feels like it’s had enough. And yet, there’s more to those old Christmas melodies than a few familiar phrases and sounds. They carry with them memories, feelings and a sense of something bigger than our selves and momentary worries. They bring us together.