Interview with Upsher-Smith

“Billy has a unique ability to weave levity and music into the serious subject of epilepsy. He created the perfect platform to make an impact. Billy helped to rally our people behind our goal; he let them know that everything they do helps to fuel our success. The results were better than I had anticipated. Billy aligned our organization. The feedback we received was exceptional. Mark mentioned to me that it was one of the best events we had ever put together. I don’t tend to wear my heart on my sleeve, but the thing that touched me about Billy is what he’s been through. Through it all he remains positive, upbeat and willing to give of himself and his talent. I also happen to love his music. Billy provides the unique experience of a concert motivated by a story – there’s not too much of one or the other,” said Dave.

When Conditions Change

For the most part, leaders are poised to respond to challenges that confront them, but the problem lately has become how to deal with a moving target. While some prefer to wait for the dust to settle before adjusting their plans, others see today’s climate as being in a state of rapid, perpetual change. Considering the rate at which information, products and services are now disseminated, there’s a convincing argument to expect more change, not less. What is the process for navigating change? One solution, offered by virtuoso guitarist Billy McLaughlin is to learn the art of reinvention.

Road to Reinvention, Preface

“My road to reinvention was fueled by my longingness to be whole, to have purpose and meaning.”

SimpleGifts – Announcing SimpleGifts 2013

It’s been a busy off-season for members of SimpleGifts and our awesome staff and crew. Not only has a great tour been confirmed for the 2013 holiday season but there’s a new CD we’re just finishing up called…

Book Excerpt

As an artist I’ve always taken great pride in my work and when I’m composing and performing I couldn’t care less about my profit margin. I’m focused strictly on the music itself and what I have to give to my audience. But I learned in my first year of full-time touring that I was an entrepreneur and small business owner in a highly competitive industry. I understood that if I wanted to grow my business (which I wanted to do both for my family and to increase my opportunity to make more music), I would need to pay attention to every facet of my company just like any CEO. I have common ground with every CEO I meet. One thing we all agree on is that at the core of any company is the integrity of our product. If our product, be it an item or a service, does not perform as we say it does, then we have lost product integrity.

Billy McLaughlin receives Emmy Award for “Starry Night”

Winners were announced at the 39th annual NATAS PSW Emmy Awards ceremony, which took place Saturday, June 15, at the Red Rock Casino Resort & Spa in Las Vegas, Nev. Upon hearing about the award, McLaughlin commented, “So many people have helped to make it happen, especially Maura Daly Phinney, executive producer and Andy Trimlett, producer/editor, as well as the entire crew at KPBS.” He praised Jung-Ho Pak, conductor and “all the great players in Orchestra Nova.” He also paid special tribute to Eugene Toussaint, arranger, who had passed away last year. In addition, he acknowledged a long list of individuals who took part in creating and promoting “Starry Night” including Rick Gord, Nancy Dennison, Tim Snow, Marc Anderson, Jimi Englund, Nathan Wilson, Jacob Tews, TJ Jensen, Mike Forbess, Vicki Serreno, Hannah Dimond Day, and mentor and real estate mogul Gary Keller.

Billy Helps Make “Sound” Connections with Customers

Event Planner Maria Cabrera, CMP, comments on Billy’s presentation to Unitron’s customers in May.

Mark your Calendar for Spirit of Success Summit

Every business begins with an idea inspired by someone who dreams of something better. The founder, whoever he or she is, has a passion to make it happen, no matter what. Eventually that dream turns into something bigger and more visible. Other people get involved, things are created and life is improved by the founder’s idea. As the business evolves, it becomes recognized for what it does and the people who make it happen while the passion that created the business continues to motivate it forward.

The Hero in Your Own Story

As a kid I remember reading stories where the hero would be faced with an impossible challenge and, somehow through strength and determination, win the day. I still like those stories, but have always wondered what went on with the hero in the days that followed. What was their “happily ever after” actually like?

25th Anniversary Concert Photos

Pictures from TPT’s 25th Anniversary.

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