Billy in Mobile, AL

Read Billy’s ‘welcome back’ article to the Mobile area from the Press Register.  In addition to having two performances and a workshop, Billy was asked to appear on 92.1 WZEW for a short interview with Catt Sirten.

Dystonia Advocacy Days 2011, Washington DC

Pictures from The Hill on Dystonia Advocacy Days 2011



Billy Goes To San Diego

Billy Goes To San Diego

San Diego, Cali. —
While Billy was out in San Diego this month, playing at the Neurosciences Institute Auditorium, he had some great opportunities to be interviewed by a few newspapers, and CBS’ San Diego television station, to get his story out.

More News Articles & Interviews from Billy’s time in San Diego:

San Diego Union Tribune- Guitarist refuses to let the music die
“Thursday night, the Minnesotan will be in San Diego for a concert at the Neurosciences Institute, playing with his other hand. Playing in many respects as well as he ever has. Breathing, in other words, through his feet…”  By John Wilkens

“He will perform this Thursday at 7 p.m. in The Neurosciences Institute Auditorium as part of the Performing Arts at The Neurosciences Institute series.  McLaughlin talked with me by phone from his cold and snowy home in Minnesota a few days before arriving in San Diego. He shared his thoughts on his music, his disease and how the two intertwine.” By

Debut with Quartet on BabyBlueArts

One of the nation’s best cable access arts program is produced by the good folks at BabyBlueArts. This all-volunteer staff celebrates Minnesota musicians by filming live in-studio performances to be shown on regional community TV stations. Billy and his Eclectric String Quartet are the most recent to be added to their 24/7 video stream at We’re excited about this premiere of this more compact version of Billy’s work with guitar and strings – check it out!!! More on the Eclectric Quartet coming soon!

Public Leadership Award

What does Billy have in common with Paul Allen, Julie Andrews, Michael J. Fox, Janet Reno and Cuba Gooding Jr?  All are recipients of the American Academy of Neurology’s Public Leadership Award. Billy will receive the award in Toronto on April 14th, 2010.
“I’m really humbled by this honor and to be in the company of such past winners.” — Billy
The AAN donated $5000 in Billy’s name to the Dystonia Medical Research Foundation.

Fingerdance Inspires Short Story

Mark LaFlamme is a reporter and author from Lewiston, Maine who describes his latest short story inspired by Fingerdance: “Fingerdance is the tale of one man’s love of late sleeping and his reaction to a powerfully catchy tune. I wrote it because I sleep like the dead myself. I occasionally wonder if I will rest so comfortably when that sleep is eternal or if some fool will come along and awaken me from the everlasting snooze.”

Article in the Star Tribune

Chris Riemenschneider’s article about the World Premiers at the Parkway Theater appeared recently in the Minneapolis Star Tribune March 20, 2009. Visit here to read the article.

Billy Hosts PBS Pledge Drive

Minneapolis St Paul PBS station TPT2 teamed up with Billy for their 2009 December pledge-drive. Performing Live immediately following President Barak Obama’s Nationally televised Speech, Billy enjoyed two hours of live in-studio segments interspurced throughout the broadcast of Changing Keys. The hot membership premium? Billy’s $100 per ticket “In-studio House Concert” scheduled for April 2010 at TPT2 Sound Stage. Look for Billy in several PBS markets around the country in 2010.

Changing Keys Wins at Film Festival!

Congratulations to Suzanne Jurva and the entire Changing Keys production team for winning top honors, a Platinum Remi Award, at this year’s 2009 Houston International Film Festival. Changing Keys earned this prestigious award from over 4,300 films submitted to this year’s competition.

Billy with the UMD Chamber Orchestra

In Weber Hall at UMD.