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Picture yourself attending a lecture. It’s early in the morning and you’ve had about half the sleep that you needed the night before. After about sixteen ounces of coffee and a light snack, you feel slightly more alert, but within minutes your attention begins to fade. It’s not that the topic is dull; on the contrary, it captured your interest or you wouldn’t have paid good money to be sitting where you are right now. It’s just that your mind doesn’t seem as receptive as you’d like it to be.

Music as a Metaphor

The following excerpt is from the introduction to Billy McLaughlin’s upcoming book, “Road to Reinvention.”

Do Over

What if something that you knew for a long time, depended upon, built your entire identity and career around, was suddenly and irreversibly stripped away from you? What would you do? For some people, this question is more real than imaginary. In recent years, many people have lost their jobs, businesses, homes, health, marriages, loved ones and even their pets. The lives that they had once taken for granted no longer exist. Wishing won’t bring back the past. Hoping that all this change will settle down soon so that life can resume to “normal” won’t do much good, either. Change is now the new “normal.”

A Gift Among Many Gifts

You may have heard that Billy McLaughlin was a phenomenal virtuoso in the guitar world. He was. His unique fret style tapping technique has wowed audiences around the world. Billy’s work has won countless awards and placed him firmly within the firmament of Billboards top talent. That boy could play.

Choosing to Change

As early as I can remember I have loved music and wanted to play music. I struggled in my first attempts like we all do. Piano, trumpet, drums….all proved too difficult or maybe I lacked enough grit at that age. One of the great benefits of music education and learning an instrument is that it teaches us to control our bodies. From how we sit to how we stand, from how we use our breath to how we use our fingers, music is the display-case for the wonder of the human brain controlling the body, connecting soul and emotion, and to ultimately share the miracle of human potential through the vehicle of sound…

Follow Your Dream and Do The Hard Work

Musician Billy McLaughlin is making inroads into the motivational speaking business with his story of personal revelation and the reinvention of his famed musical career. His insights—born of loss, grief, passion and determination—redefine the meaning of the word “luck” as he encourages people to put the story of his “music” in the context of their own dreams and challenges. Having recently launched his speaking career, Billy already has spoken to audiences internationally. His clients include corporations such as Microsoft, Accenture, Wells Fargo, Securian Financial and Keller Williams Realty. In response to his presentation, Chance Garrity, general manager of Microsoft’s north central district, commented, “Billy was absolutely amazing. The feedback has been off the charts …it was pure magic.” In addition, Billy has spoken to arts and health organizations including TED, Mayo Clinic and the American Academy of Neurology.

ST Dystonia Publication

Billy had the privilege of appearing in a ST Dystonia publication written by Stephen J Busalacchi.

DMRF to Host Historic Musician’s Summit

This two day summit of international experts focused specifically on various focal dystonias that affect musicians is the first of it’s kind. The first day (3/9) will focus on the scientific side of this life-changing disorder with presentations by world-reknown researchers describing in scientific terms what the most current research has revealed.

Breathing Through My Feet: Gaining Mastery of the Impossible

While reading this story, think of what your “IT” is. Think of what you really want that you don’t have. Whatever “IT” is for you – a happy marriage, a better body, a career you’d rather have or a dream you wish you hadn’t given up on. This story is about how I am “finding IT” again and how I am reclaiming the “IT” I struggled so hard to find only to have it taken from me. The search is ongoing – for each of us as individuals, as communities, as nations and as a planet. And of course there is and should be more than one “IT” we must be striving for at any given moment.

Billy in Mobile, AL

Billy had the privileged to return to his home-away-from home and teach a workshop and be on WEZW…

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