Billy McLaughlin Road to Reinvention

Billy’s Book – Road To Reinvention


Road to Reinvention

Coming soon,
a new book by Billy McLaughlin…

“Road to Reinvention: Reflections on Having, Losing and Receiving Infinitely More”

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Travel with Billy on an unbelievable journey as he shares insights from being one of Billboard’s top-ranking performers to his overnight fall from fame as dystonia derails his musical career to his amazing return to the stage, where he proves that you must never give up on your dreams, no matter what.
This book is especially for you if…

  • You’ve faced life challenges, whether in your career, health, money or relationships
  • You are ready to push the limits of your potential, but not certain where start
  • You are seeking inspiration for pursuing your highest goal or dream.

Gain strength and guidance from someone who’s triumphed over the impossible.

Despite overwhelming odds, Billy maintains a perspective of love, understanding and even humor as he captures some of the most dramatic moments of his life in words. With an unrelenting spirit and clear sense of self identity, he proves that it is possible to achieve new heights in the face of defeat. Through it all he remains humble and deeply grateful for the adventure. RESERVE YOUR COPY