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Billy McLaughlin Road to Reinvention

Road to Reinvention, Preface

"My road to reinvention was fueled by my longingness to be whole, to have purpose and meaning."
Billy McLaughlin Road to Reinvention

Book Excerpt

As an artist I’ve always taken great pride in my work and when I’m composing and performing I couldn’t care less about my profit margin. I’m focused strictly on the music itself and what I have to give to my audience. But I learned in my first year of full-time touring that I was an entrepreneur and small business owner in a highly competitive industry. I understood that if I wanted to grow my business (which I wanted to do both for my family and to increase my opportunity to make more music), I would need to pay attention to every facet of my company just like any CEO. I have common ground with every CEO I meet. One thing we all agree on is that at the core of any company is the integrity of our product. If our product, be it an item or a service, does not perform as we say it does, then we have lost product integrity.
Billy McLaughlin Road to Reinvention

Worth the Wait

Billy McLaughlin’s new book “Road to Reinvention” will soon to be available—first online and then at a bookstore near you. In it Billy describes his journey from being one of Billboard’s youngest rising stars to his sudden fall from fame when the onset of dystonia ripped away his career. It also explores his ultimate return to stage to as the successful presenter and musician he is today.
Billy McLaughlin Road to Reinvention

Billy’s Book – Road To Reinvention

Coming soon, a new book by Billy McLaughlin… “Road to Reinvention: Reflections on Having, Losing and Receiving Infinitely More”
Billy McLaughlin Road to Reinvention

Music as a Metaphor

The following excerpt is from the introduction to Billy McLaughlin’s upcoming book, “Road to Reinvention."