Billy McLaughlin Road to Reinvention

Music as a Metaphor

Road to Reinvention

The following excerpt is from the introduction to Billy McLaughlin’s upcoming book, “Road to Reinvention.”

Throughout his book, Billy McLaughlin refers to his life in music. For Billy, life and music are synonymous. Indeed, when you think of Billy, it is hard to imagine his life without music. You may not be a musician, yourself. Perhaps you’ve never even picked up a musical instrument. Nevertheless, it is possible to understand Billy’s passion and drive for this single, all-consuming aspect of his life. In fact, there may be something in your life for which you feel equally passionate. If you know your passion, then you are well ahead of those who are searching for whatever their “music” happens to be. If you are still searching, then consider making your search your passion. If, for any reason, you’ve lost touch with your “music”, then Billy McLaughlin’s book will have particular meaning for you. Within each of the passages is a glimpse of the journey Billy has taken from having to losing to reclaiming his music once again. Through it you will experience a journey that was not without struggle or frustration, never certain, but always worthwhile.
Metaphors are powerful depictions, as they capture not merely the physical quality of an idea, but its emotional essence, as well. Music is an especially powerful metaphor. Without words or pictures, music reaches deep from within the soul to connect at a level through which there is no other access. Music is personal, uplifting and timeless; it feeds us and, in some ways, teaches us more about ourselves than we can learn on our own. Music can be raw and raging as an open wound or subtle as a ripple in a pond. Music is universal; it transcends all barriers and separations. Whatever “music” may be in you, whether you find it in your career, family, loved-one, art, sport or business, it deserves to be expressed. Let Billy’s journey inspire you and strengthen your desire to pursue your own “music”, regardless of what temporarily may be in your way. There is no attempt to sugar-coat the process. Though, at times, it may be necessary to face impossibility, overcome the depths of despair and work harder than you imagined, success is within your reach.
Billy’s music is unique. Although there are many guitarists, several whom use the tapping technique for which Billy is famous, nobody plays in quite the same way. Billy’s challenges are unique, too. Nobody before nor since has traveled along exactly the same path that he has taken. Without Billy, his stern resolve and stubborn determination, much of the world may never have heard his extraordinary music and message. Where has your journey taken you to this point? Are you pursuing your “music”? Can you see it at a distance, even if it isn’t yet within reach? When you find your “music”, live it and make use of every opportunity to play it. As with Billy, there’s “music” inside you that the world longs to experience. There’s a place for your “music” on this planet and, once you find it, the world will be forever changed. It’s up to you to make it happen. Are you willing to take the next step?
Gain strength and guidance from someone who’s triumphed over the impossible.
Despite overwhelming odds, Billy maintains a perspective of love, understanding and even humor as he captures some of the most dramatic moments of his life in words. With an unrelenting spirit and clear sense of self identity, he proves that it is possible to achieve new heights in the face of defeat. Reserve your copy of “Road to Reinvention” today.